Camera Shots, Angles and Movements

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Establishing Shot

Establishes the scene


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Long shot

Often establishes character. Includes the full character and setting.


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Mid Shot

Character from the waist up



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Close-up (CU)

Shows characters emotion.


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Extreme Close-up (ECU)

Brings audience attention to something specific.


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Wide Shot

Establishes setting as well as subject matter. Setting is wide.


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Point of View Shot (P.O.V)

Where the audience can see what the character sees


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Over the Shoulder Shot (O.S.S)

The camera shows a character over the shoulder of another character.



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Bird's Eye View

A shot taken directly over the subject.


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Worm's Eye View

A shot looking directly up at the subject.


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Canted Angle

When a shot is obscurly angled for effect.



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Low Angle

Where the shot is looking up at a subject, often to show power.


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High Angle

When the camera is looking down on the subject.



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Camera Movements







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The Continuity System

Eye-line Match

Match on Action

180 Degree Rule

Shot Reverse Shot

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