California Mass Movements Case Study


Mass Movements In Montecito, California

  • Debris slides on January 9th, 2018 
  • Intense rainfall landed on bare, dry slopes where the water could not be absorbed. 
  • Ravaging wildfires had burnt vegetation
  • 20 dead
  • Houses destroyed 
  • Gas mains popped 
  • Areas covered in mud. 
  • 30,000 people evacuated 
  • U.S Army Corps of Engineers spent weeks clearing the area working 24 hours. 
  • Material cleared to beach sites. A health warning was issued about increased bacteria levels in ocean waters. 
  • 1,200 firefighters 
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Attempts to Reduce Debris Flows in California

  • Hazard maps produced to shows areas suseptible to land slides. 
  • These maps are available on the Calfornia Geological Survey Website. 
  • Rock belts or netting are not appropriate on such slopes. 
  • Difficult to mitigate the issues due to the climate and slope composition. 
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