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This is the order you should do all your calculations in. If you do this you should get the correct answer.

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Check your answer

Make sure you check back through your answer by working backwards through the calculation. This can help you pick up on any mistakes you might have made.

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Don't be scared of wordy questions

Approximately a quarter of the marks on maths exams come from wordy, real life questions. Its not only the maths you have to do, but work out what the question is asking you to do. Work through them step by step.

Follow these instructions:

1. Read the questions carefully. Work out what bit of maths need to answer it.

2. Underline the information you need to answer the question, you might not meed have to use all of the numbers they give you.

3. Write out the question in maths and answer it, make sure you show all your working clearly.

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BIDMAS and the Brackets Buttons

It is very important even if you just want to work out something like 23 + 45

                                                                                                                              64 x 3

If you just press 23 + 45 / 64 x 3 it will be wrong because the calculator follows bidmas. It will think you mean 23 + 45  x 3


You have to use the brackets buttons so the numbers in the brackets are worked out before anything else happens to them.

So all you have to do is write a couple of pairs of brackets into the expression. So you write it like this (23 + 45) so you can type it into the calculator like (23+45)/(64x3)


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