Cairgorns National Park Tourist Industry Case Study

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Location of the Cairngorns

It is located in North East of Central Scotland, the North of the UK. It takes up 6% of Scotland and five of the UK's highest mountains lie in the park

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Employment of the Cairngorns

80% of the employment is in tourism with 40% in hotels and resturaunts. 

1.4 million people visit per year with £150 million from overseas tourism

Tourism jobs are often part time, low paid and seasonal with 87% occupancy in August and 37% in December

Without tourism the population would be very poor and have to migrate to cities

Allows people outdoor job freedom

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Attractions of the area

  • Activities; rifle range, hiking, walking, mueseums, water sports, monorail, skiing, rock climbing, shops, bird watching, wildlife
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Tourist vs locals = congestion, litter, pollution

Tourist vs conservationists = erosion, litter, not keeping to paths

Young people vs tourists = popular place for 2nd home, increased house prices, forced out of the areas

Dog walkers vs consevationists = litter, scares away wildlife

Conservationist vs locals/ authority = development disrupts nature

New arrivals vs locals = force house prices up so locals cant stay

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Environmental Issues

Higher use of power = increased demand for electricity

Development = loss of green space = interupts food chain

Increased use of cars = air and noise pollution

Job creation = increased wealth = better environmental decisions

25% of Cairngorns is SSSI

Home to 25% of UK thretened spieces

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