Digital Technology part 1

CAD computer aided design

  • Computer
  • Graphics tablet
  • Scanner
  • Internet access
  • 2D/3D software

CAM computer aided manufacture

  • CNC lathe, milling machine, router
  • Lasser cutter
  • 3D printer
  • Plotter, yinyl cutter


Increased manufacturing productivity, ideas can be shared in real time, design drawing can be sent to manufacturers anywhere in the world, life like presentations and representations of ideas can be created quickly and easily, software can predict outcomes and give opportunites for improvements and modifications.

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Digital Technology part 2

Advantages of automated systems

  • Low labour costs
  • Low product costs through economies of scale
  • No production lost through disputes
  • Consistent quality
  • very efficient, stock control system enables JIT manufacture
  • system checks and modifications easy to carry out

Disadvantages of automated systems

  • Expensive initial layout
  • system breakdown is costly
  • specialist breakdown regular training
  • Protocols of different systems may not communicate
  • requires some flexibility in processing to enable manufacture of different products
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Digital Technology part 3

Advantages of computerised stock control

  • Lower costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Cater for fluctations in demand
  • Efficiencies can lead to price reductions, inproving competitiveness
  • Very quick system
  • No manual chacks required
  • Detailed, accurate data available
  • Data can be selective for presentation to different groups
  • Data easily stored

Disadvantages of computerised stock control

  • Initial cost of set up and training
  • More than one person needs training in the use of the system to cover absence
  • Manual input error
  • Software failure, virus attack
  • Computer breackdown, backup systems expensive
  • Dgital data may be accessed by competitors
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