C7- Producing Chemicals

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Preparation of Feedstocks

1. Raw materials are the naturallly occuring substances that are needed in the process e.g. crude oil

2. Feedstocks are the products needed for the reaction e.g. ethanol

3. Raw materials usually have to be prufired of changed to make the feedstock

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1. Reactants are changed into products 

2. The conditions for the reaction are carefully controlled to make sure that the rate of reaction happens at a sensible rate

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Separation of products

1. Chemical reactions usually produce by- products that are either useful or waste

2 There may be left over reactants

3. Everything is separated out so it can be disposed of carefully

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Monitoring the purity

1. The purity of the product is monitored to make sure it is between certain levels 

2. They may be impiurities in the product so it needs to be purified

3. The level of purity depends on what the product is being used for

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Handling of by-products

1. Some by-products are sold or used in another reaction

2. If the reaction is exothermic then excess heat can be used to produce steam or hot water using a heat exchanger. This can be used in another reaction and saves resources and money.

3. Waste is carefully disposed of accoording to the regulations

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