C7 - Green Chemistry

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Making Chemicals

  •  There are 5 main stages to be considered when manufacturing a product:
      1. Raw Materials converted into feedstock
      2. Synthesis (Chemical Reaction)
      1. Products are separated
      1. Dealing with the unwanted by-products
      2. Checking the purity of the product
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  • To be sustainable a process should be able to continue without causing damage to the environment, and without using up resources that can't be replaced
  • There are 8 key questions which must be considered when looking at sustainability:
    1. Will the materials run out?
    2. How good is the atom economy?
    3. What do I do with the waste products?
    4. What are the energy costs?
    1. Will it damage the environment?
    1. What are the health and safety risks?
    1. Are there any benefits or risks to society?
    2. Is it profitable?
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Atom Economy

  • The atom economy of a reaction tells us how much of the mass ends up as useful products therefore the formula for atom economy is:
  • Sum of RFM of useful products/ Sum of RFM of reactants

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