C3 - tests for metal ions

Different tests done to discover what ion an unlabelled compound is. 

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Test for Chloride ions

Add 2cm(cubed) dilute nitric acid followed by 2cm(cubed) silver nitrate

If a white precipitate is formed, the compound is a Chloride ion

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Test for Carbonates

Add Limewater. If the solution goes cloudy then carbonate ions are present. 


Add 5cm(cubed) of Hydrochloric acid. If bubbles of gas are given off, then carbonate ions are present. 

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Test for Nitrates

Add a little aluminium powder, a few drops of sodium hydroxide and warm.

If ammonia is formed, then the compound is a nitrate

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Test for Copper

Add a few drops of Sodium hydroxide to the compound.

If a blue precipitate is formed, then the compound is Copper. 

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Test for Sulfate

Add 2cm(cubed) dilute Hydrochloric acid followed by 2cm(cubed) barium chloride.

If the compound is a Sulfate, then a white precipitate will form.

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