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What is limestone?

- shells, skeletons of sea creatures and coral from billions of years ago

-building material

-CaCO3 (calcium carbonate)

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Process of limestone quarrying?




-Secondary Crushing


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How to minimise the disadvantages?

- Quarry during the day

-Use railways instead of lorries

-Restrict size of quarry

-Less but larger quarries

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How to make quicklime?

- Add heat to limestone

-also produces CO2

-Calcium oxide (CaO)

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What is thermal decomposition?

It is when you break down a chemical by heating

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How to make lots of quicklime?

- In a furnace

-Rortary Kiln

-metal carbonate-> metal oxide + carbon dioxide

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How to make slaked lime?

- Add water to quicklime

-Calcium hydroxide - Ca(OH)2

- add water to slaked lime- limewater

- limewater + carbon dioxide -> limestone + Water


- add more Co2 to make it colourless

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What are limestones' uses?

- Cement- powdered limestone with clay

-Mortar- mixture of cement and concrete

- Concrete- water, rock, cement, gravel and sand

-Glass- sodium carbonate + sand

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