BY2 - The wider impact of chemistry

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Describe the energy problem

It affects the chemical industry, all aspects of modern life and has serious problems for supply

Main sources of energy are non-renewable

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Describe fossil and biomass fuels

They're all derived from solar energy acting on plants and micro-organisms coal, oil and gas over hundreds of millions of years. They're being up faster than they are made, they may run out!

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Describe carbon neutrality

It is achieved with combustible fuel sources by replanting trees and sugar cane to match those being burnt, so the CO2 consumed in their photosynthesis equals or exceeds that generated by combustion

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Describe solar power

It can achieve efficiencies of over 10% and is rapidly growing in use

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Describe efficient use of energy

Research is being carried out in order to make energy more efficient, especially in engines

One of the main aims of green chemistry is to use less energy in industrial processes by working at lower temperatures by using effective catalysts

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Describe chemicals/products to improve the environ

Renewable raw materials - using them whenever

Saving energy - use as little energy as possible, get it from renewable sources

High atom economy - use methods with high atom economy so there is little waste

Catalysts - develop better catalysts to carry out reactions at lower temperatures and pressures

Toxic materials and solvents - avoid using them if possible, ensure no undesirable products are released into environment

Biodegradable products - make products that are biodegradable at their end of their lives

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Summarise green principles

Prevent waste

Increase atom economy

Use safer methods

Increase energy efficiency

Use renewable raw materials

Use catalysts

Prevent pollution and accidents

Design for biodegradiation 

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