Business- unit one revision

they are to help with all of the key words and workings out that need to be know for the unit one as business exam. 




Bank loan

bank overdraft

break even


business angel

business plan

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An external contact of a business who provides support and advice, sometimes for free.

 A fixed amount loan from a bank which is generally used to finance long‐term asset.

 Borrowings from a bank on a current account which are payable on demand.

 The point at which the total sales of a business equal total costs ‐ i.e. the business is making neither a profit nor a loss.

 A detailed plan of income and expenses expected over a certain period of time.

 A particular type of investor, usually a successful entrepreneur, who is willing to invest in high‐risk, high‐growth firms at a very early stage.

 A detailed description of a new or existing business, including the company's strategy, aims and objectives, marketing & financial plan.

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