Business studies unit 3.4

topics in unit 3.4

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Organisational structure

Organisational structure is important in a business because it means everybody knows what part of the business they are relative to and what they are responsible for.

Levels of hierarchy are also important because because it means people of aware of who they need to report to and who they need to give commands to.

Centralised and cetralised are opposites. Centralising a business is when decisions are made at the centre or core of a business meaning management make all the important decissions and the decisions are them passed on to everyone lower down in the business. Whereas decentralisation is when decision making is delegated lower down the hierarchy so he decisions are made by other mambers of staff.

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Motivation Theory

Motivation in a workplace is very important because if staff are demotivated they will not work to the best of their ability. On the other hand if they are highly motivated they will work very hard and maintain this level of work in order to move up the chain.(

Maslows heirarchy of need is widely used in business's to help boss's to understand how to motivate their staff efficiently. He uses the idea that motivation comes from within and you have to want to achieve more in yourself to be fully kotivated. But your surroundings are very important in contributing to how motivated you feel.

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3 types of cpmmunication:

  • Written
  • Visual
  • Verbal

Communication is very important in a business as it helps everyone know what is going on  and understand fully what is going on in the business in order to do their job efficiently.

Insufficient communication can effect a business badly because it could lead to many people not knowng what is going on which could then mean that people are doing their job wrong.

Excessive communication can aso lead to problems in a business because if people are getting too many messages they are unlikely to read them all and could miss out on important information.

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Causes of poor cmmunication include:

  • Language or coltural problems
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Lack of interest
  • Competing environment
  • non effective channels of communication

Having bad communication within a business can lead to staff not understanding what they are doing meaning they are unmotivated.

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