Business studies Unit 1- Motivation

A set of business cards concerning the different terms of motivation and who made them. These include Taylor, Mayo, Maslow and Herzberg. This also explains the different types of leadership and how they can be applied for different situations

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Motivation part 1: What is motivation?

Motivation is the reason for doing something. A business will be motivated to meet their objectives. Workers however need to be motivated in order to achieve these objectives. This can be less straightforward as they don't share the same motivation as a business. Workers are motivated by different things:

  • Money
  • Social interactivity with others
  • A sense of status or importance
  • Prevention of boredom
  • To satisfy ambition

Most people will work in order to satisfy their needs and wants.

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Motivation part 2: What is motivation continued

Workers who are not motivated tend to

  • Have high rates of absenteeism
  • Arrive late
  • Produce poor quality products/services
  • Be slow to react to requests from management
  • Be more careless (so more accidents occur)

Workers who are motived tend to

  • Be loyal ( reduce labour turnovers)
  • Be enthusiastic and offer ideas
  • Arrive early and take few days off

Well motivated workers will assist is the achievement of company objectives

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