Business- Motivation Theories Unit 1

The 5 main theories of Motivation within the Work place, part of Unit 1- Investigating People At Work.

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Taylor- Scientific Management

Taylor concluded that MONEY is the only motivation.

He also concluded that people should be paid on a PIECEWORK SYSTEM- this is where employees are paid according to how many pieces they make or sell ect, e.g. the more they make the more money they should be paid.

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Mayo- Groups

Mayo concluded that work is a GROUP ACTIVITY

He concluded that recognition and security are more important in motivation than physical environment.

And Informal groups have major impact.

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Maslow- need hierachy

He concluded that we work to meet these needs...

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Theory X

  • These are the set of workers that are lazy and dislike extra responsibility. Need to be supervised closely

Theory Y

  • these workers like work and want responsibility. Can be left to do work.
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Hezberg- Hygiene Factors

Dissatisfiers/ Hygiene factors

  • These factors do not motivate e.g. toilets. But if they were taken away workers would become dissatisfied


  • If present they can motivate employees
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