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What is Marketing? 

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What is Market Research? Explain by giving two examples

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Market Research

What are the two types of Market research? What are the differences between them?

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Market Research

Give examples of the methods in which you can perform the research

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Case Study

Bella wants to start a business on her own food company. Carry out a market map to find what products are missing in the market. Then give the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of research

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Marketing Mix

What are the 4 types of Marketing Mix/ What are the four subheadings under Marketing Mix. Name, description and excample

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Elizabeth has started a company, give her options for 'place' and explain some advantages and disadvantages of having a shop on the high street

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Write down 3 pros and cons of supplying more than one type of product and service to your customers

Suggest two ways in which the following businesses can adapt/change their product 

1. A gardening Service
2. Beauty Salon
3. Chinese Restaurant
4. News Agent
5. Clothing Boutique

3. Choose a small business in your area and explain how they can alter change 1 product or service to appeal to different customers

4. How can you change/alter your product of your business to attract different customers 

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When deciding on a price the business will consider? 

Price is determined by --------- and --------

Express the two possible hypothesis that are made considering price and demand 

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What is it? 

Give 5 examples of promotion, what are they, pros and cons, examples and target market

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