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What does a job analysis usually contain?

A job analysis is a study undertaken to identify the main features of a job. Normally these include

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physical requirements and tasks;
mental requirements and tasks;
skill requirements and specific skill tasks;
areas of responsibility;
areas of accountability;
the physical environment in which the job occurs;
any hazards specific to the job.

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Person specification

What is a person specification?

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This document sets out in more detail the type of person needed for the post. Very often a person specification lists ‘Essential’ qualifications and attributes that anyone doing the job must have and also ‘Desirable’ ones that the organisation would prefer the post holder to have.

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Advantages of internal recruitment

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The applicant is known to the organisation, as is the quality of work they do in their present post.

The organisation may have invested in this employee in terms of training. It is then able to benefit from this investment, as the individual is able to take on a different job.

The individual will be aware of the culture and rules of the organisation and know what is expected of employees. This can considerably reduce the costs of filling the vacancy as it removes the need for induction training.

Internal recruitment is quicker and less expensive than external recruitment where adverts have to be placed etc.

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Disadvantages of internal recruitment

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Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

Internal advertising limits the number of applicants – external candidates may have been of better quality.

Another vacancy will be created that will have to be filled.

It may cause resentment amongst existing staff if their peers are promoted ahead of them.

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External recruitment

It may be that the organisation decides to recruit externally in order to fill its vacancies. There are several ways it can go about this. List them

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Advertise in local or national newspapers
Specialist recruitment agencies
On-line recruitment agencies
Use government agencies such as Department for Education and Employment
Visiting Universities – “the milk round

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