Business - Developing an effective workforce

Recruitment, selection & training

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Job description & personal specification -

Job description - Tells candidate what is expected of the job and helps the business indentify the qualities needed in the individual to be selected for the job.

Personal specification - Provides details of the ideal candidate by listing the essential and desirable characteristics of that person.

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Internal recruitment - Advantages -

( Internal recruitment - filling a job vacancy by selecting someone from within the organisation )

- The employees abilities are known already

- opportunities are often motivating for the workforce

- process is quicker

- less expensive

- reduces the risk of employing the wrong person

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External recruitment - Advantages -

( External recruitment - filling a job vacancy by selecting someone within the organisation)

- Provides a larger choice of well qualified applicants

- Brings in 'new blood'/ new ways of thinking

- May overcome jealousy of internal recruitment

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Factors affecting methods of recruitment and selec

- level of job within the organisation

- size of organisation

- resources available to fund the process

- culture of the firm - whats normal to that firm?

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Training - Internal or External?

Benefits of internal training -

- Cheaper ( also, loss of output )

- Realisitic environment

- Managers and supervisors can assess improvement

Benefits of external training -

- Interchange of ideas

- Employees feel valued (With specialist trainers)

- Less immediate pressure from work 

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