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Job Production

Producing each product individually 


  • High quality
  • Made to meet the needs of individuals
  • Workers often get more satification from working on something until it is finished


  • Cost of production will be high 
  • Labour cost may be high because job production requires skilled workers.
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Batch Production

Involves making one type of product but changing it around after a while (such as baker with different bread or trainers with different colours)


  • Needs of different customers can be met by making batches of different goods
  • Batches are made to specific orders and this may reduce costs as they dont need to be stored
  • Possible to use specialist machines to automate production so thats costs are saved


  • Takes time to switch production between batches
  • Necessary to keep sotcks of materials, holding stocks cost money
  • Taskes may be repetitive and boring to the workers.
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Process Production

Involves a series of automated processes, applied to a variety of raw materials.


  • Large amounts can be made
  • Most processes can automated to allow production costs to be kept low 
  • Ideally suited to products that need to be consistent


  • Very expensive to set up the process
  • A problem with one part of production process stops the whole process.
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Flow Production

Involves a cositent flow of the same product. 


  • Large amounts can be made
  • Costs of production for each unit made are low beacause the firm benefits from economies of large scale prodcution 
  • Machinery can be used this helps cut costs
  • Improvements in tech mean that not all product need to be the same


  • Goods are mass produced and may not be good quality
  • Very expensive to set up production line
  • Large stocks have to be kept and this is expensive.
  • If the production stops at any points on the line because there is tech problem there could be a complete shut down of production.
  • Jobs on an assembly line can be repetitive and boring.
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