Business studies terms

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Centralisation is where a business Is controled from one head office.

For example. A business like Tesco's, instead of it being controled by a manager from seperate stores, It is controled by a big boss in one building.

Decentralisation Is where as a I said, a bussiness like Tesco's is controled by managers in every store but they still have to take orders from the main stem of the company.

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Downsizing Is where one branch of the bussiness closes to keep profit and contend with other company's.

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Flat organisational structure&Tall organisational

A Flat organisatinal structure is where a company has few layers of hirarchy so someone will have to line manage more people as alot of people are on the same level of hirarchy.

A Tall organisational structure is where the is a tall hierarchy and the preson above the hierarchy and the person above the other manages them.

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