Burial at thebes quotes

A collection of quotes on recurring topics in 'The Burial at Thebes' - by Seamus Heaney 

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‘There is nothing sister nothing that Zeus hasnt put us through’ - Antigone

‘I disobeyed because the law was not the law of Zeus nor the law ordained’ - Antigone

‘After all her hades talk, it’ll be her chance to see if he can save her.’ - Creon

'I am linked to Hades arm' - Antigone

'Always rule by the gods and reverence them' - Chorus

'Not if Zeus himself were to send his eagle to scavange on that flesh and **** it down' - Creon

'Justice dwelling deep among the gods of the dead' - Antigone

'The gods will be proud of me' - Antigone

'I knew by the whirl of wings and the rips and spits of blood the birds were mad' - Tiresias 

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Antigone descriptions/references

‘Women defying Creon? Its not a womans place’ - Ismene

‘Even the wildest horses come to heel when they’re rained and bitted right’ - Creon

 ‘What are you Antigone? Hot-headed or cold-blooded?’ - Ismene

‘Antigone, child of doom’ - Creon

‘This wildness in her comes from Oedipus. She gets it from her father.’ - Chorus

‘Two vipers spitting venom at the throne’ - Creon

‘One of these had the fathers madness in her from the start’ - Croen

She was heroic! That is what is being said behind closed doors’ - Haemon

‘She’s still unreconciled, as driven as ever’ - Chorus

‘After all her hades talk, it’ll be her chance to see if he can save her.’ - Creon 

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Creon's language

‘We have entered clamer waters’ - Creon

‘Our ship of state was very nearly wrecked’ - Creon

‘He has other fields to plow’ - Creon

 ‘Am I wrong to weild the powers vested in me’ - Creon

 ‘Bring her out and do away with her so that her groom can watch the deed being done’ - Creon

'The hammer blow of justice has caught me and brought me low' - Creon

'All I pray for now is the dawn of my last day' - Creon

'My recklessness and pride I paid for in the end' 

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Antigone's language

‘Just because we are who we are – the daughters of Oedipus’ - Antigone

‘Are we sister, brother, brother? Or traitor, coward, coward?’ - Antigone

‘If Creon has me killed, wheres the digrace in that? The disgrace would be to avoid it.’ - Antigone

‘The dead arent going to begrudge the dead’ - Antigone

‘You wouldnt help. We cut all ties. Its over’ - Antigone

 ‘Given away to death’ - Antigone

 ‘My last walk in the light’ - Antigone

 ‘And that bridegroom’s cold hand will take my hand in the dark’ - Antigone

 ‘I’ll be shut in my halfway house’ - Antigone

 ‘Stone of my wedding chamber, stone of my tomb’ - Antigone

‘I turn my back on the light.’ - Antigone

‘For a reverence that was right’ - Antigone 

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