Buddhism Beliefs and Practices

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The birth of the Buddha and his life of luxury

Siddhartha's birth:

1. Queen Maya dreamed a white elephant came down from heaven and told her she would give birth to a holy child.

2. She gave birth to Siddhartha in the Lumbini Gardens, wher she had stopped to rest on the way to her parents' houe.

3. According to legend, Siddhartha:

  • Could immediately walk and talk
  • Walked seven steps and lotus flowers appeared under his feet
  • Declared that he would not be reborn

4. Shortly, after his birth, a prophecy was made that Siddhartha would become a great King or holy man.

The Four Sights: 

1. Old age 2. Illness 3. Death 4. A holy man. The four sights resulted in Siddhartha's renunciation (letting go.)  

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