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  • dharma- practice of teaching
  • nivarna- state of perfect happiness
  • karma- consequences of happenings eg. good actions = good karma

Four noble truths:

  • always will be suffering in life
  • suffering caused by greed, brings unhappiness as things are always changing.
  • accept things chane
  • follow eightfold path
  • samsara- eternal crycle of birth, death and rebirth
  • life begins at conception
  • compassion
  •  ahimsa- kindness to beings
  • buddha gave up life to save others
  • Bodhisvatta vow - to help all those that need help
  • good will to all beings
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teachings cont.

human experiementation

  • no experimentation on human embryos
  • reduce suffering


  • everything changes nothing lasts forever
  • never give back what elderly gave to us
  • everyone should be happy


  • obtain from taking life
  • no relatives wealth can prevent death
  • relief of suffering
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teachings cont.


  • no truth in how world was created
  • nothing but SAMSARA
  • rebirth - look after planet becuase we will come back
  • destroying nature = greed and ignorance
  • karma


  • act of compassion
  • life begins at conception
  • throwing away excess embryos = killing

maintaining life (blood)

  • buddha gave up life for others
  • to help all those in need bodhisvatta vow
  • goodwill to all beings
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teachings cont.


  • ahisma- do not harm any living being
  • metta- loving kindness
  • haruna- compassion

war and hatred

  • the first precept- refrain from hurting others
  • 'hatred does not cease by hatred,hatred ceases by love'
  • do not kill living beings


  • ' i will not take drugs or drinks that confuse the mind' fifth precept
  • avoid harming living things
  • health is a great gift - dhamma pada
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teachings cont.

rich and poor

  • acquiring wealth is okay if at the same time it promotes the well-being of the community or society.
  • dana - charity generosity

crime and punishment

    • Suffering is caused by attachment to the material world.

    • The three poisons (greed, hatred, ignorance) are the cause of evil actions.

    • The law of karma – the sum total of good and bad actions.

    • Buddhists should practice Metta (loving kindness) and Karuna (compassion).

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