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Life during World War II (1939-1942)


 Diet improved as rationing gave workers more to eat e.g. vegetables, bread, meat, butter

 Luxury goods like perfume and dresses were taken from other countries and sold in Germany


 Shortages of some goods like tobacco, milk and soap

 Black market - Many goods were sold illegally on the black market which the Nazis could not control Life during World War II (1942-1945):

In the later part of World War II, life became more difficult and opposition to the Nazis increased:


 Labour shortage – the Nazis did not have enough workers for the factories, as men were in the army. Women had to be brought into the factories instead.

 Air raids on Germany became more frequent

 Services closed – services like the railway and post were reduced to save fuel

 Hitler Youth – the older generation of Hitler Youth members went into the army. The remaining members disliked being told what to do by people hardly older than themselves. The activities became more focused on military affairs, which were less enjoyable. More young people began to join anti-Nazi groups

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