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History - Background to conservation

Transformed an abandoned salt quarry - Preston

Lancashire Wildlife Trust purchased this and it was the biggest land purchase in their history

Helped £800,000 investment from NW Regional Development Agency- under Newlands Scheme

160 hectares

Managed by Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Cost: £8.6 million

Opened Easter 2011

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Situated on a floodplain near River Ribble

LNC Located near Preston

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Visitor Facilities

Play park- climbing forest, play hut and zip wire- attracts children

First floating visitor centre - £4 million

Conference areas, education classrooms - importance of ecosystem convervation & sustainability

Nature trails 108 hectares of wetlands  nature reserve

Cafes, souvenir shop

attracts anglers, birdwatchers, school visits, family days  and weddings

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Try and source local produce in shops- reduce food miles

Water use- use rainwater flush toilets- low volume taps & showers

Biomass boiler provides heat from local firewood

Eco-firendly building maintains heat - natural ventilation

Lights that go dim when no one's around

Monitor CO2 permananet mobile systems go 2 acquisition centre

Recycle glass, plastic and paper

Compost food waste

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Conservation Areas

Woodland- fringed by ancient woodland Bolton- grown over 1000s yrs rich variety wildlife,

looking after trees and paths helps woodlands to thrive and enables safe visits.

Reedbeds- home 2 sedge warblers, reed bunting & water rail.

Protects new reeds from grazing birds by chicken wire fences.

Pool Nook- Planted reeds on the edge of the pool

small fish & dragon fly larvae hide and grow away from predator fish

Meadow lake- Shallow lake gr8 4 bird watching- keep vegetation short so birds can watch out for

predators- holds some of the largest population of birds on site.

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Successes ?

25 awards since 2011 opening

Aim: attract tourism successful-

< 250,000 visitors since April 2011 opening.

Green Tourism Gold Award

RIBA Building of the year 2011

National Wood Award 

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Drawbacks ?

Some people think car park fee expensive £6- 3hrs don't charge admission fees-  helps funding

They rated Brockholes one star on tourist website

Maybe charge an admission fee for all visitors so parking is free? 

The nature reserve has to close- if get red flood warning by environment agency or other warning... bird flu outbreak.

Conflict of interest?

As they grow could economic benefits  > importance environmental benefits? 

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