Britain's Appeasment towards Hitler

Why did Britain appease Hitler and was this the right the right thing to do

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Why did Britain Appease Hitler

  • Hitler didn't agree with Communism so he would stand up to Communists and help to stop Communism
  • Britain didn't want another war - they didn't have enough money and they didn't want a repeat of the death and destruction of WW1
  • The army wasn't ready to fight another war
  • Depression - they were in a economic crisis and they was high unemployment so Germany wasn't a priority to them
  • They thought that the Treaty of Versaillies was too harsh and unfair on Germany
  • If a war started Britain wouldn't have the support of America so they had less chance of winning
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Problems with Appeasement

  • Encouraged Hitler to be aggressive
  • They put trust in Hitler's promises - he went back on these promises
  • Germany grew too strong - they became more powerful than Britain and France
  • Scared the USSR - Germany could invade them and fight Communism
  • The secret treaty between Britain, France and Germany showed that the USSR wouldn't get support from them so didn't feel he could trust Britain and France
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Was Appeasment the right policy

  • it encouraged Hitler - if he had been stopped at the start he might have backed off and peace could have been created
  • Britain was not ready for war - Chamberlain had to buy them time to prepare there army for the possibility of war
  • Meant to delay war and maybe even avoid it
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