Britain goes to war


  • in 1914 men rushed to enlist. 
  • wave of patriotism
  • many believed war was an adventure and it would be over by christmas
  • Lord Kitchener ( poiny finger man) was incharge of raising an army
  • over 1/2 million joined in the first 6 weeks

but by 1915.

  • the govt made postersfor more British men to enlist
  • there were mases of people killed so recrutment slowed down
  • propaganda was amde to maintain numbers that enlisted
  • peoples attitudes changed and began to realise it wasnt a big adventure and that it wouldnt be over by christmas
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how were civilians effected by the war?

the dora act

  • these acts(laws) were past in 1914
  • gave the govt power to intervene with peoples lives
  • British summer time introduced(incresed more daylight hours for work)
  • the right to water down beer(to reduce drunkeness and they would be ready to work the next day
  • censorship- gave govt power of what was printed about war in newspapers 
  • govt could force workers into to vital war work like coal mining


national registration act 1915-  all men aged 15-65 gave their name, age , ocupation to a register +when asked join the army

the derby scheme october 1915 followed- were unmaried men were taken first then married ones

rationing.- dora act allowed govt to take over land for crops, in 1914 Britans food came from abroad + german u-boats began to sink them,in 1917 britain began rationing due to u-boats + food shotages.

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propaganda during the war

the use of propaganda

  • made sure peoples attitudes towards war remained positive
  • Dora meant propaganda could be printed in newspapers

war propaganda bureau

  • first efforts was to see if some of the german atrocities happened
  • in 1915 there was a report published from very little evidence that they did happen

department of infomation.

  • Lloyd George set it up.
  • four main functions- providing propaganda material, supervising propaganda material in cinemas, gathering pollitical intelligence from abroad, controlling war news released to the news papers
  • in march1918 it became the ministry of information
  • most propaganda doesnt consist of all lies
  • most propaganda was informationthe govt wanted to present in the best way.
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