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Until First Reform Act of 1832 there'd been no change in Parliament Representation since 16th century

French Revolution was over and ideas of reform were all over as 4.16% of the population had elected the House of Commons which was mainly dominated by landowning class.

By 1928 both men and women could vote.

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Effects of Industrialisation and Urbanisation

Thousands of roads, canals and railways were built all over the country. People could receive daily newspapers and read about politics and Politicians could travel to other towns and campaign to gain support. Many people couldn't read or didn't care and those who could read were most likely rich and already had the vote.

The 1870 Education Act changed education as more people started to receive a basic education. People had better literacy skills and could understand democracy and politics making Britain more democratic as voters were smarter and people had more to say. Although some working class families needed the money their children made working so many young children didn't go to school. 

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Changing Political Attitudes

Prime Minister Lord Palmerston died which allowed new reform ideas to come through. Allowed Second Reform Act 1867 to pass showing that politicians had new attitudes about giving more power to the working class. 

The American Revolution showed the political awareness of the working class. Politicians supporting the workers and slaves in America had to do the same and support them in their own country aswell. Second Reform Act didn't come until 20 years after the American Revolution showing it didn't make a big difference.

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Party Advantage

When the Liberals took power off the Tories they needed new voters and wanted to be seen as the true party of reform, they passed the 1884 Third Reform Act. This extended the vote to even more people them gaining them popularity and new voters of gratitude. 

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Effects of WW1

Women earned a lot of respect for taking over men's jobs and in the 1918 Representation of the People Act women gained the vote. Some women gained the vote after years of campaigning for it and showed that the government took women more seriously. Only women over 30 that owned a house got the vote when it was mainly younger women that worked therefore not making Britain fully democratic. 

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Attempts to Gain the Franchise and Pressure Groups

Well known pressure group were the suffragettes who carried out violent acts in attempt to gain women the vote. They made newspaper headlines and put the campaign for women's votes known all over the country.

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