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Introducing Bristol

Bristol in largest city in SW England with a projected population of half million by 2029 and one of UK's ten 'core cities'

Education - Two unviresities with Bristol University attracting students worldwide for professional, managerial and knowledge based jobs

Transport - Two major docks with UK's most centrally located deep sea container port bringing 700000 cars from Japan, Korea and Germany.

-Airport & Ferry links to major European centres and USA + on M4 corridor to London

Industry - Change from tobacco and paper to developing global industries and the largest concentration of silicon chips outside Silicon Valley California

High level of FDI Foreign Direct investment and investment in manufacturing e.g BMW and Airbus

UK's 8th most popular city - tourists seeing Brunel's Ship and Bristol Zoo and several theatres and music venues like Bristol Old Vic theatre

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Impact of migration

Migrant workers employed in hospitality, manfacturing, health and retail

+Hard-working motivated workforce that contribute to local and national economy

+Improve skills in city and enrich city culture e.g St Paul's Carnival attracting 40,000 anually

+Mainly young migrants balance otu the aging population

-Challenges to integrate into the wider community

-Pressures on housing and employment

-Need to provide special education for children who's first language isn't english

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Urban Social Opportunities

-The Colston Hall has major names in rock, pop, jazz, folk, world and classic muic + dance, oprea and musical at The Bristol Old Vic and The Bristol Hippodrome.

-City and Rovers football teams, Rubgy union and HQ of Gloucestershire County Cricket develop stadiums with lesuire activites, accomodation and conference facilities

-Out-of-town retail Cribbs Causeway left The Broadmead in the City centre outdated this means more crime a run down environment with low employment 

-Develompments in CBD include pedestrian areas and CCTV for safety, more attractive environment with street furniture and floral displays, improving public transport and tourism nearby e.g Old market ---> conservation area

-Cabot Circus in Broadmead open Sept 2008 with 2/3 shops and leisure facilities + a hotel, offices and 250 aparments = £500 Mn

-Habourside regenerated into nigthclubs and cultural venues e.g art gallery/museum + annual habourside festival 

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Urban Economic Opportunites

-Growing quaternary (high-tech) sector with high tech bussinesses like Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Chinese giant Huawei attracted by:

  • £100 mn government grant for Super-connection with Broaband speed at least 80Mbps
  • Close links between council and university with advanced research in Uni and between industries
  •  Educated and skilled workforce
  • Clean and unpolluted environment

-Aardman Animations - Based in Bristol set up in 1972 with stop-motion clay animation techniques e.g Wallace and Gromit. Won an Oscar and many other awards

-Defence Procurement Agency - Supply army, navy and air force from boots to aircraft carriers and employs over 10000 people since 1996 links to urban sprawl, economic and urban change

-Multipler effect = main global aircraft companies e.g Rolls-Royce or Airbus in area + Filton Entterprise Area have hubs for cutting-edge aviation technology aided by Uni world class aerospace courses

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Urban Environmental Opportunities

-First UK's city to be European Green Capital 2015,  improve transport and energy efficienty by 2020

- 2015 = 175 bussinesses with green action plans, first 100 electric car charging pionts and every primary school pupil planted a tree to improve greenary

-Intergrated transport system (ITS) because - 2nd most congested in UK in 2012:

  • High percetage (57%) people walk/cycle aims to double number by 2020
  • ITS connects different transport and encourages switch to public transport
  • Rapid Transit ntwork= 3 bus routes linked to mainTemple Meads railway station
  • Electrification of rail line to London to decrease time and greener for environment

->1/3 of Bristol is open space with 8 nature reserves and 300 parks with:

  • Sites of Natural Conservation Interest at top standard and condition by 2026
  • 27% of city is part of wildlife network and 30% coverd with trees to provide invaluable habitat
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Urban Environmental Challenges

Many industrial building in the inner city left derelict and warehouses abondoned 

  • Stokes Croft consisted of high desith workers housing in19th century now derelict housing and properties like Perry's Carriage Wotks
  • Many of these attracted squatters, criminal activity and anti-social behaviour
  • Improved by City Council lottery grants and activits and artists with community action and public arts
  •  Well known for music, independant shops and nightclubs with numerous graffiti art pieces
  • Many protest possible gentrification and not being able to live in their homes

Urban sprawl due to the growing demand for housing since lath 20th Century post WWII

  • 2006-2013 6% of housing development on greenfiled with >30,000 brownfield homes by 2026
  • Finzel Reach - 2 ha brownfield site with redundant sugar refinery/old brewery developed into office spaces, shops and 400 apartments
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Clean Urban Environment

Bristol's waste per head is 23% lower than uk average but there is stll a lot of food waste

  • as population grows by 9% household waste reduced by 18% in the same period since 2000
  • more kerbside bins and different recycling facilites
  • higher targets with contractors who collect waste
  • education about importance of recycling
  • Improved recycling technology and sent to reprocessing plants that can produce 4.2 m liters of diesel from 6000 tonnes of waste

Atmospheric pollution from pollutants blown from industrial area kills 200 people a year

  • Reducing speed limits on motorways and residential areas
  • Electrical charging points in 40 public car parks
  • Poo buses powered by bio-methane gas from sewage treatment runs 300km on annual waste of 5 people
  • Frome Gateway a walking and cycling route to city centre
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Urban Social Inequality

Filwood high level very-low income households + top 10% most social deprived area in the UK

  • Life expectancy at 78 though Bristol average is 80 and higher than average death rate from cancer
  • 36% got top GCSE grades in Maths an English
  • <1300 crimes a year mosly violent with 62% of people feeling unsafe at night
  • < half of children in low income households 1/3 of 16-24 yrs old are unemployed  with half never will be
  • Poor access to fresh fruit and veg and lowest participation in active sports 

Stoke Bishop affulent in north west with Sneyd park home to many millionaries

  • Life expectancy at 83 above avergae and relatively low deathrate
  • 94% got highest GCSE garde in 5+ subjects and 50% have degrees
  • >300 crimes a year mosly anti-social behaviour
  • Highest level of car ownership with only 3% unemployed
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Temple Quarter Regeneration


  • Run down industrial area that can be seen by visitor from main Temple mead station
  • Building the 'floating harbour' allow for more construction including brunel's first railway station 1841 till 40% of area was covered with railway sidings


  • Enterprise zone to encourage economic growth and create 4000 jobs (2020) with incentives like low rent and easy planning
  • Improve station and electrifiy line to london to encourage people to take train plus Bristol-Bath cycle path
  • Bristol Arena-Access bridge route with cafes and offices, allow small capacity theatre sytle events and major conventions with up 12000 + outdoor events lice ice rink or theatre productions
  • Brunel's engine shed to be £1.7 m Innovation centre with superfast broadband and next gen Wifi for high-tech low carbon companies
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