Brighton Housing

Inequalities in Housing MEDC Sketch Map of area that shows different types of housing Explain what can affect access to housing Explain why there are differences in housing

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What can affect people's access to housing?

Money - what you can afford to pay for rent or a mortgage can affect what type of housing you live in

Government housing - housing is available for people if they are a key worker (emergency services, teacher etc), elderly, diasabled, on housing benefits, seeking asylum etc

Family size - if you have a large family, more bedrooms and a larger house are preferred

Students - if you are studying there are houses/flats available to rent

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Key terms

Inequality - not the same or factors that can affect peoples opportunity to have housing e.g. money

Terraced housing - attched on both sides

Semi-detached housing - attached on one side

Detached housing - not attached to any other home

Housing benefits - money given to some people who find it difficult to pay rent

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