Bright Star & Now analysis and comparisson

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Form and structure

They are both love poems bright star is a shakesperean style sonnet. It uses iambic pentameter and has a regular rhyming pattern where as Now only uses some iambic pentameter and uses an irregular rhyme pattern. This irregular pattern reflects the unconventional themes of the poem. Browning talks explicitly about his desires not typically discussed in the era due to sex before marriage being forbidden. Bright Star discusses a traditional theme of intimacy between long term partners.

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Bright Star

Bright Star uses imagery as 'the moving waters' are shown as being 'priestlike' as they wash upon the 'shores' .The seas performing 'ablution' to the shores suggest a theme of religion a the star being a reference to God or the bible. He personifies nature especially a star as he wishes to be 'steadfast' and always be 'unchangeable'. This point is repeated twice ,at the beginning and at the volta of the sonnet, suggesting that he would rather 'swoon' to his 'death' than live without the 'fall' of her chest. he doesnt want to become a star as a 'sleepless eremite' or be 'in lone splendour. As the 'mountains' and the 'moors' as covered in a 'mask' of 'snow' it connotes to the winter being a season of being desolated and secluded. The alliteration implies stress the poin and makes the line memorable.

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Now uses literary devices to to describe a 'moment' of perfect and pure 'love' between them. He asks for just a 'moment where anything that has 'gone before' or will 'come after it is insignificant. The ideal nature of this love can only exist for a fleeting moment as time will 'condense'. It appears life is in slow motion and lasts forever. Love has taken over his life like a 'rapture of rage' . This apperear to be an oxymoron to his previous feelings and the alliteration implies that this is a memorable part of his story. 'you' and 'me' are repeated showing whose relationship he talks about. She is always 'around him' or 'under him' implying that he feels her presence around him all of the time. Browning alludes to Donne as he describes true love as ' soul and sense' becoming 'merged' into one. The nouns sibilise emphasises them becoming intertwined. He believes his love is protected by its flawlessness as it's 'perfections endowment'. He ends the poem with a act of physical love as thier 'lips meet'

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Summarised comparissons

  • They are both love sonnets however Bright Star is traditional where as Now is a unconventional layout.
  • They display their relationships differently as Bright star has a theme of intimacy and tradition. Browning contrasts this speaking unconventionaly about explicit topics frowned upon in the era
  • They both have a motif of time although Bright Star disscusses love being forever and uncharging while Now talks about one moment of perfect love and ectasy
  • They both agree with everything else being insignificant. Keats only needs her or he wants to die and Browning describes ignoring everything else
  • they both repeat words to carry their themes throughout their sonnets. Bright star repeates 'steadfast' to show his unwaving nature where Now repeates 'moment' to emphasise time
  • They both end with them being together with their significant others. Bright star describes an intimate moment where as Now describes a moment of physical passion.
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impressive impressive attempts. Not sure about Now not having iambic pentameter. Please check. You may mean that the rhyme scheme isn't traditional, but this doesn't affect the rhythm of each line. 

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