Brigham Young

Some cards to explain the character of Brigham Young and what role he played in the Mormans and discovery of Salt Lake City. Also gives ideas on what this suggests about him due to the actions and different paths he decided to take.

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The Journey

Had to organise the move of 1500 men, women and children,t was to be dangerous, unknown teritory and Brigham Young had to help them to survive a journey which was unexpected. They were poorly prepared and were travelling 2250km to the Great Salt lake - a land nobody else wanted.

Divided into manageable groups, each with a leader, insisted on strict discipline, giving everyone a specific role to play. Taught them how to form their wagons in a circle at night for safety and insisted on regular resting places.
Advance Party to follow the ruts made by the wagons of the Donner Party.

Reached the top of the pass that led down to the Great Salt lake in 1847 (July) but had to decide whether to go to Oregon and California or go onto the infertile, empty salt flats that surrounded the Great Salt Lake.

Supposed to have said  "It is enough. This is the right place." Others felt that it was the wrong place.

August 1847, Main Party, fleeing form Illinois arrive. Over time Mormons arrived almost continuosly as wagon train after wagon train - through the Valley to the Salt Lake.

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Smiths Death

June 27th 1844

Joseph Smith is shot dead ! :(

Break away groups, such as son 'Church of the latter day saints', leave Missouri and are heavily percecuted.

Arguments break out over poligamy.

Brigham Young sticks by the organised ideas and leads those who are left.

By September 1845, the Mormons agreed with the authorities that if they suffered no more percecution they would leave by the spring of 1846.

By the winter, they are preparing to leave.

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Salt Lake City

A salty lake surrounding poor land.

In the first months, many of the deaths were from cold and hunger as grasshoppers at the crops.

Brigham Young had total control over the community who believed he was inspired by God.

Nobody owned the land, the church allocated the land according to the needs.

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What does this suggest about his character?


Wanted to build his city


Always in control of the others


Was able to get the people across and restarted due to his faith in Joseph Smith

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Spreading throughout Utah

Plan - Spread the Mormons throughout Utah.

Territory surveyed, towns marked out, irrigation ditches dug, groups of mixed skills chosen to settle on the borders around Salt Lake.

Perpetual Emigration Fund - Provide money for the poor Mormons living in the US and Europe to emigrate to Utah.

32,894 converts from England alone made the journey.

Converts ment that missionaries were sent out, they were organised.

Repaid the money when they arrived.

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Arrangement of Salt Lake City

In the centre there was the city, the Temple and the Temple square. Around the square there were wide streets and marked off blocks of land of equal sizes. Each block was divided into 8 plots for a house and graden with each family given a plot. Main irrigation ditch dug from streams that fed the Salt lake with side ditches. People were given exact times when they could draw water from the main ditch.

Around this area there were 5 acre plots for the young artisans and mechanics who had little time to work on the land.

The next area around this contained 10 acre plots for small families or elderly couples whose children had left home.

The final and most outscirted area had farms between 10 - 80 acres for larger families.

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Mormon Faliures

Industrial progress did not go well.

Education held up by parents wanting their children to farm.

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Mormon Wars

Emigrants travelling west complained about Mormons.

Rumours spread that the Mormons were planning to kill all gentiles and arming Indians.

Powerful in Utah, flouting US laws.

US Government set 2500 soldiers in 1857 but Mormons fled to Salt Lake City and resisted, the army failed to reach them.

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Steps to Independence

1. 1848

Brigham Young applied to the US Government for Mormon lands to become a state called Deseret, they gave it territory status and it had to be run by Federal Officials.

2. Brigham Young was appointed first govenor of the new area of Utah.

Washington NOT Mormon laws now. Brigham Young used Danites (Secret Police) to crush the opposition from non-mormons.

3. 1857

Government sent non-mormon govenor and 1500 soldiers to enforce federal rule. Massacure of migrants at Mountain Meadow. The Mormons blamed the Indians. The non-mormons blamed the Danites.

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