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Sonnet 116

Issue & Context- concept that love is unchangable by the inevitable

Language- about time shows that love is everlasting

Structure- The quatrians revolve around the idea that love is reliable and you can invest everything into it

Form- Sonnet form discussing love and consistant structure like true love

Wider Issues & Conclusion- If love is true limits are ceaseless

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To His Coy Mistress

Issue and Context- Life will stop so lets embrace the time and youth

Language- imagery of death and time taking them. Ends with an agressive passion by impatience

Structure- Tradition argument style for persuasion

Form- Narrative style which shows a story style appeal with a sort of chronological order

Wider Issue & Conclusion-  Lovers should embrace their time and live for the moment

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The Farmer's Bride

Issues & Context- A fragile woman who is lost in a forced marriage and feels isolated

 Language- Nature imagery showing she doesn't belong with humans

Structure- Sadness and desire weaved throughout in a chloronological order but at the end control is broken

Form- Monologue that presents the story and gains empathy from the reader

Wider Issues and Conclusion- The two people in the relationship are both neglected and alone

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Sonnet 43

Issue and Context- Romantic love that expresses overwhelming emotions of love

Language- Spirtual, religious shows a worshipping love. Repetition of 'I love thee' showcases intensity

Structure- Looks at the sustained intense love in the past, present and future. Love overcomes death and survives when they aren't on Earth

Form- Sonnet form discussing love in Petrarchan style

Wider Issues and Conclusion- Her love is like a religion and is worthy of being worshipped

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Sister Maude

Issue and Context- The breakdown relationship between sisters

Language- Religious imagery showing condemnation and angry language by sibilance. Repetition of sister is a juxtaposition to their real relationship

Structure- Ambigiousity at first and tension rises building anger on the actions committed to. It end with the ultimate sin

Form- Ballad with a dramatic dialogue building suspense

Wider Issues and Conclusion- A relationship damaged beyond repair that is meant to be the strongest bond of all

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