Brideshead Revisited Quotes: PEEL Approach

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Author's Note/Preface

'I am not I' in the author's notes, just tells the reader that the novel is not autobiographical -however it could be a reflection of his life.

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The prologue is full of nostalgia and negativity about life and countryside... contrasted with memory of Brideshead.

 'Here the love between me and the army had died'

'Here my last love died'

'Hooper was a symbol of Young England' with his 'flat midland accent'

'Mutilated old trees'

'The place had been marked for destruction'

'Now the huts where we had wintered waited for their turn for destruction'

'The words seemed to ring back to me enriched from the vaults of my dungeon'

'Hooper's words echoed as though in trance' 

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