Brain damage studies: Working model of memory

Notes of brain damage studies relating to the working model of memory

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The case of..... KF

KF suffered brain damage which resulted in difficulty dealing with verbal information in STM but a normal ability to process visual information.

His LTM was unaffected. This suggests that his phonological loop was damaged but his visuo-spatical sketchpad is intact.

This supports the working memory model.

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The case of..... LH

LH suffered brain damage in a road accident. Due to this they were able to perform spatial tasks but not visual tasks.

This suggest that there are separate visual and spatial systems.

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The case of...... SC

SC experienced brain damage which left him with problems in learning word pairs that were presented to him out loud.

This suggests damage to the phonological loop.

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The case of........ EVR

EVR had a brain tumor removed which resulted in some brain damage. His reasoning skills were unaffected but he had difficulty making decisions.

This suggests that the  central executive has different parts to it.

This does not support the model.

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