BPS guidelines for the use of humans in research

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Researchers must take reasonable steps to obtain real consent from participants. 

Real consent can only be given by participants who fully understand what they are agreeing to. Researchers should not use payment or their power to persuade them to consent.

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Decieving participants should be avoided whenever possible.

Participants should be told about the aim of the investigation as soon as possible.

Deception should not be used when it is likely that participants will object or become distressed when debriefed.

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Whenever participants are aware that they have taken part in a study they should be given a full explanation of the research as soon as possible.

Researchers should also ensure that the participants' experiences were not distressing and that they leave the study in a positive mood.

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Participants should be made aware of their right to withdraw from a study at any point and that payment does not affect this right.

When debriefed, participants have the right to withdraw their data.

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Unless agreed with participants in advance, their individual results and any personal information about them should be kept completely confidential.

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