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Causes of Boscastle flood

  • steep slopes around Boscastle
  • confluence of three rivers - Valency, Jordan and Paradise
  • impermeable rock
  • previous weather bad in past few days
  • 5" of rainfall in 4 hours
  • river funnels in Boscastle
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Steep slopes around Boscastle

means that the water is less likely to infiltrate into the ground, therefore travels by overland flow, which is faster, meaning that the water reaches the river in a quicker time, also more water will reach the river by it travelling this way, so the peak discharge will increase by both amount and in time

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River funnels at Boscastle

when it rains, the discharge increases rapidly and the river will not be able to cope with the fast increase in the volume of water

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5" of rainfall in 4 hours

lots of rain in short period of time meant that it was inable to infiltrate into the ground as it didnt have time, so travelled by overland flow, which is faster and allows more water to reach the river, so morewater reached river in a smaller period of time, therefore increasing the discharge quickly, and the river couldn't cope

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bad previous weather

bad weather over the previous days meant that the land was already saturated, so the extra rain couldn't saturate into the ground, so travelled by overland flow which is faster and allowed more water to get to the river

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impermeable rock

this meant that water couldn't infiltrate, so travelled by overland flow, so more water got to the river faster, which it couldn't cope with

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confluence of three rivers

when there is a storm or heavy rainfall, it causes a lot of water to all be coming to one point, and the river can't hold all the water, causing it to overflow and flood the surrounding area

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Short term effects of the Boscastle flood

  • property was destroyed
  • people were trapped in building
  • people were left homeless for the night
  • a burst sewage main and damaged roads
  • roads were blocked off by flood water
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Property was destroyed

  • by debris such as uprooted trees and vehicles travveling at high speed
  • 20 tonnes of soil was moved by the flood
  • 58 properties and 3 shops were destroyed
  • car park was washed away
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people were trapped in buildings

  • floodwater forced people to seek refuge of roofs of buildings
  • danger of being swept away, hypothemia and shock
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people were left homeless for the night

  • emergency accommodation was set up
  • tourists had lost their cars so were stranded in hotels
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a burst sewage main and damaged buildings

  • most of Boscastle inaccessible as it flooded roads
  • rescue and repair couldn't be done straight away
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roads were blocked off by floodwater

  • damaged bridge
  • made emergency rescue difficult except from the air - valley was only big enough for one helicopter at a time - prolonged rescue and put peoples lives at risk
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long term effects of the Boscastle floods

  • floodwater damaged a lot of property
  • town was effectively closed to tourists after the flood
  • repair had to be made after damage
  • damage not only affected resisdents, but also insurance companies
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repair had to be made after the damage

  • very time consuming and costly
  • some buildings were beyond repair
  • rebuilding had to be considered
  • people had lost lots of money - so was had to find money for repair
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Boscastle effectively closed to tourists after the

  • tourism was the main industry there - massive loss of revenue - Boscastle may never recover, many businesses may go out of business - harder to live there
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flood water damaged a great deal of property

  • possessions were lost and many ground floors of houses were damaged
  • thousands of pounds worth of damage was done
  • people had lost lots of money - costly to reair
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damage not only affected the residents, but also t

  • insurance became much more costly
  • harder for people to live there
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short term responses to the Boscastle flood

  • emergency services activated - search and rescue, environment agency, coastguard
  • local hospitals warned (Padstow) - medical attention
  • people removed from buildings by airlifting
  • emergency shelters - schools and churches, other villages
  • hot food and drinks, beds
  • buildings checked for survivors
  • buildings checked for damage
  • debris cleared - 84 cars in harbour
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long term responses to the Boscastle flood

  • £4.5 million was spent on defence scheme
  • drainage systems repaired and improved
  • channels widened and deepened
  • banks of river reinforced
  • new bridge
  • main car park raised by 1m
  • emergency relief culvert installed
  • afforrestation in upper parts of the river
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new bridge and a widened channel

  • the channel will accommodate more water, so it will take more water to make it overflow and flood the area
  • if flooded again, the wider bridge wont catch as much debris, so will allow the water to keep flowing out of the village
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straightened and deepened river beds by 2m

  • straighter - will make water flow faster, so will get out of the village quicker
  • deepened - channel can hold more water
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200m's of strengthened river embankments (gabions)

  • banks wont be eroded as easily, especially is there is a large amount of water
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main car park raised by 1m and made permeable

  • will absorb some of the rain, so less reaches the river
  • if river floods, the car park is less likely to flood as it is higher and permeable so peoplezs cars wont be swept away
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emergency relief culvert installed

  • if river overflows, it will go to the culvert, so less water will get to the village
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afforestation in upper course

  • vegetation will absorb rainwater, so less gets into the river
  • absorb water so less water will reach the village
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