The nature of ionic bonding

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The Nature of ionic bonding

Ionic bonding:-

An ionic bond is an attraction between oppositely charged ions, which are formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another.

  • Ionic bonding occurs between metals and non-metals.
  • Electrons are transferred from metal atoms to non-metal atoms.
  • Positive and negative ions are formed
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Properties of Ionically bonded compounds

  • Ionic boning is the result of electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions.
  • Structure called a lattice,
  • Ionic compounds are solids at room temperature.
  • Have a giant structure and high melting temperatures
  • Ionic compounds conduct electricity when molten or dissolved in water but no when solid, because ions that carry current are free to move in liquid state but not free in the solid state.
  • They are brittle, shatter easily when given a sharp blow.
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