Ionic Bonding - AS level

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What is a compound?

Two or more DIFFERENT atoms bonded together 

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Define ionic bonding

oppositely charged Ions that are held together by electrostatic attraction in a lattice

Between a metal and a non-metal.

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How are Ions formed?

When one or more electrons are transfered from one atom to another.

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Write the sulfate ion

SO4 ^2-

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Write a hydroxide ion


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Write a nitrate ion

NO3 -

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Write a carbonate ion

CO3 ^2-

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Write an ammonium ion


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What is the overall charge of any compound?


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Can ionic compounds conduct electricity?

Only when molten as the ions are free to move around and carry a charge

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Do they have a low or high melting point? Why?

High - because they have strong electrostatic forces so high amount of energy is needed to break them

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Are they soluble?

They are in polar solvent as the charged particles pull the ions away from the lattice

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