Blue Remembered Hills Character Profiles

Hi, this holiday homework took me quite a long time so I thought I would try and make someone else's life easier! Hope they're helpful! :p 

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·         7 Years old

·         A bully

·         Not bright

·         Most of what he says is said to boast to the other boys

·         He is the most violent of the gang, as he is the most enthusiastic about killing the squirrel and cutting off his tail.

·         Willie tricks him that ‘one bite [of the apple] and he bee dead’ but he is wary of him.

·         Burly

·         Bullies Donald- ‘Give him a Chinese burn’

·         He says- ‘They isn’t for girls, cabins ain’t’ Showing how he treats women as inferior

·         He fights a lot and is always the first to threaten.

·         When it looks like Raymond may be going to beat him in a bet, he cheats to ensure that he wins.

·          Peter is jealous of the others when it looks like they might be better than him- Challenging them and yelling at them ‘You bee not, I’ll show you.’

·         In the play, he fights with Willie and John. He offers to ‘twist off’ the squirrel’s tail and does not regret killing it. He is the first to say they were nowhere near the barn when it was on fire.

·         If he was an animal he would be a bear. His is burly and likes to be the best and beat everyone else. Others are weary of him.

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·         He is often playing, and loves to pretend to be a Spitfire

·         7 Years old

·         He is bright as he tricks Peter into not eating his apple

·         He is a push over and walked over by the others

·         He says “Oh leave I alone will ya!”, which makes Peter back down showing he can stick up for himself.

·         Willie makes the others laugh- ‘Coughing. A proper coffin.’[They fall about laughing]

·         He is the first to realise what is happening with Donald in the barn

·         He is the first to try and open the door and encourage Donald out

·         If he was an animal he would be a bird. He is small and un-noticed yet is quick and smart. He looks on things from a different perspective from others and see’s things quicker, like a bird’s eye view of a situation.

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·         7 Years old

·          the fairest of the gang

·         At first he ranks under Peter but after fighting with him he becomes “Number Two”

·         He sticks up for Raymond when Peter bullies him.

·         When the children are hiding from the escaped Prisoner of War he is looked up to.

·         He argues with Audrey

·         He gets into an argument with Peter because Peter has been bullying Raymond and cheating him

·         If he was an animal he would be an owl. He is calm and wise and almost seen as the ‘elder’ of the group and looked up too. 

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·         the lowest member of the main gang

·         he stutters, and he is often teased because of this

·         He is quiet and a pacifist

·          he is very upset that the others have killed the squirrel and might be going to cut off its tail.

·          He is pleased that John is standing up for him when Peter cheats him when on their bet.

·         He feels very sorry for Donald- ‘P-pup-poor D-Donald.

·         He is the only one that doesn’t agree with saying he was a mile away from the barn.

·         If he was an animal he would be a mouse. He is very timid and is seen as a weak and venerable character. He is viewed as a pest and others tease him.

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·         Seven years old

·         Plain

·         Cheap glasses

·         Short, straight hair

·         overshadowed by Angela’s prettiness

·         a bit of a tomboy and very independent

·         John is very comforting towards Angela when she wails, but no-one seems to listen to Audrey

·         has a go at the boys, accusing them of being afraid

·         Says “Wallace Wilson would go” accusingly to John.

·         Says aggressively to Angela ‘are you mummy then!’

·         Has to be reassured be Angela that she’s her best friend.

·         If she was an animal she would be a rabbit. Common and not really classed as ‘special’. She is quite useless and doesn’t have a major role in the play. Often overshadowed by other animals and easily eaten.

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·         7 years old

·         Ringlet curls and blue ribbons

·         Convinced she is going to marry Wallace

·         Sure of her own popularity- ‘I have lots and lots of best friends.’

·         Dismissive to Audrey

·         Leader of girls

·         Spiteful to Donald, ‘quack’ing at him.

·          When the children have to hide in the hollow Angela is the most scared

·         Enjoys getting pampered and looked after by the boys.

·         Doesn’t get involved in the boys arguments

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·         ‘An abused child.’

·         Splay footed

·         Timid

·         Anaemic

·         Scabby

·         Teased by the others calling him ‘Donald Duck’ and ‘Quacking’ at him

·         Raymond feels sorry for him- ‘p-pup-poor D-Donald.’

·         Described by John as ‘a little weed’

·         Peter calls him a ‘cry baby’

·         Him mum shut him up in a shed and hits him

·         He doesn’t own anything

·         Living in a barn to stay away from home

·         His dad is in a prisoner of war camp.

·         not really accepted by the other boys as a friend

·         At the end he starts a fire and is locked in by the other children and dies

·         If he was an animal he would be a ferret. Quite timid and not liked very much. He is not really accepted into the group (Ferrets aren’t as accepted as pets). He is quite adventurous but if anything goes wrong he runs away scared. 

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thankls so much for thus lods of ****



Thanks found this very helpful, however some descriptions don't add up? 

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