Bloody Sunday

Trigger to the 1905 revolution, along with the Russo-Japanese war

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When Was Bloody Sunday?

Sunday 22nd January1905

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What was the initial reason for Bloody Sunday?

  • Peaceful march to Winter Palace
  • Led by Father Gapon
  • Workers & their families
    • wanted better working conditions
    • Better pay
    • less working hours
  • Women & children @ the front to show peace
  • Pictures of the Tsar
  • The colour red was banned
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What happened?

Father Gapon led a march of workers and their families outside the winter palace, women and children towards the front, pictures of the tsar etc to show peace.

Guards were lined up ready... one man lost his nerves and open fired

The other guards then began shooting.

  • Soon turned into a Bloody massacre

Tsar not there & didn't give orders to shoot but still seen as an act of poor government.

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