Blood Brothers- "Role of the narrator"

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Role of the narrator

  • on stage he appears in a dark suit- this gives him a neutral status, as we cannot identify anything about his character. it gives him a sense of anonymity throughout the fact that other charachters ignore him gives him a ghost like quality. he is omniscient-all knowing. his job is to tell the story.
  • his main role is to act as a constant reminder to us of the brother's tragic fate- this is highlighted in the song "shoes upon the table" which is repeated throughout the acts.
  • he is suitably dressed from the start because by the end, he looks as if he is attending a funeral- APT! (appropriate)
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Childhood and Adolescence

  • we witness two brothers experiancing two very different upbringing
  • Eddie seemed to have suffered from a lack of chilhood-he is very adult in his ways and is polite and contained(not himself)
  • Mrs Lyons has been overprotective-Eddie has not been allowed to interact with other children in messy, noisy childhood games.
  • Eddie learns from "untained" Mickey-whilst Eddie rides on an imaginary horse with grace and dignity, Mickey's horse is wild and foaming at the mouth.
  • Russel explores FATE AND DESTINY- he creates dramatic irony through the audience's force of knowledge of the twins's grim fate (this is achieved through the openeing song which tells us of their deaths)
  • the brothers are ignorant of their fates- this highlights childhood inocence in the first half on the play
  • we see Eddie and Mickey indulge in childhood games of gun fights- this is significant as we already forsee their death scene
  • Mickey is later involved in a shooting which leads to imprisonment, depeartion in which he pulls a gun on his best freinds brother. gun- symbolic of theidea that life can end in an instant
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