Blood Brothers Quotes - Edward


Meets Mickey

In this scene, we can see a clear difference in the characters of Mickey and Edward. Edward is well dressed and 'bright and forthcoming.' Mickey has dirty and ripped clothes on and is 'bored and petulant.' Edward has had a good upbringing in a middle class home and has had everything that he wants and needs. Whereas, Mickey has had a bad upbringing with as he has not had much money and is from a working class background. 

Bright and forthcoming

My mummy

Sitting beside Mickey

Exploding in giggles


I'll look it up in the dictionary

Do you wanna be my blood brother?

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Lead astray by Mickey and Linda

This scene shows the perfect middle class family. It is completely different to Mickey - working class family. Edwards working class roots are beginning to lead him away from his family which Mrs Lyons doesn't want. This is the start of Edward mixing with working class people. In this scene we also see how Linda treats Edward - she is kind to him and treats him very nicely unlike Sammy who callled him when they first met. 

His father produces a toy gun

Edward goes and sits with her

We haven't finished the story

How do you spell bogey man


Ushers Mickey out

Hits Edward hard and instinctively

You are my son mine

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Goes to visit Mrs Johnstone

In this scene, we see Edward go to visit Mrs Johnstone. He tells her that he is moving away, you can see how Mrs Johnstone comforts him as he cries - natural mother. Also, she gives Edward a locket containing a picture of her and Mickey so that he can remember them. This is another thing that is starting to lead him away from Mrs Lyons. Edward asks Mrs Johnstone to move to but he clearly doesn't understand her situation as working class. 

Cradling him

Why don't you buy a new house 

Just like that

But keep it a secret 

God help the girls when you start dancing

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Edward at school aged 14

Edward is doing very well at school and in the conversation with his teacher we see that he may be going to Oxford or Cambridge which is a middle class expectation. He goes to a boarding school unlike Mickey who goes to a normal state school. Like Mickey, the teacher bullies him and he also gets suspended when he swears at the teacher. These swear words were learnt from Mickey, another working class streak in him. 

Talk of Oxbridge

Getting rather big for your boots

A locket

Am I to punish you

I'm going to have you suspended

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Comes home at Christmas

When Mickey comes home from university at Christmas, you can see how his and Mickey's relationship has broken down. Whilst Edward has got a good education and has chances of getting a job, Mickey has no job and is becoming depressed. Also, Edward has made lots of new friends at university and is starting to grow away from Mickey and the working class environment. 

What's wrong - nothin

It's fantastic

So many tremendous people

I've got money - plenty of it

I grew up

You didn't need to

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Helps with job and house - final scene

After going to university Edward has got a successful job and this gives him the power to get a house and job for Mickey and Linda. This links back to when he came home from university at Christmas and offered money to Mickey like he was a charity. The last time that Edward is seen is when Mickey and Edward find out that they are brothers and Mickey shoots him. 


We've managed to sort ourselves out

We've got our own place

I've got Mickey a job

Does my child belong to you as well as everything else

The gun explodes and blows Edward away

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"When Mickey comes home from university..." It is meant to be Edward

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