Blood Brothers Quotes

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-"New shoes on the table, take them off..." -Mrs Johnstone
-"I'm not superstitious" -Mrs Johnstone
-"Go home before the bogey man gets y'" -Mrs Johnstone

"Oh, you mean you're superstitious?" -Mrs Lyons
-"That's just a stupid superstition." -Mrs Lyons
-"Wherever I go, you'll be just behind me" -Mrs Lyons
-"I curse you, witch!" -Mrs Lyons

-"Shoes upon the table" -Narrator
-"There's one lone magpie overhead" -Narrator
-"The salt's been spilled" -Narrator

-"That means we can be blood brothers" -Mickey

-"Never look at a magpie, it's one for sorrow..." -Edward

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- (aiming the gun at her and firing) -Mickey
-"He's got two worms and a catapult" -Mickey
-(Mickey sits and shoots an imaginary Sammy) -Mickey

-"I'm gonna get a real gun soon" -Sammy
-"I got y', I shot y'" -Sammy
-(He produces a knife) -Sammy

-(She produces the air pistol) -Linda
-(Linda takes the gun and fires)

-(He mimes firing a gun) -Edward

-(Mrs Johnstone takes the knife from Mrs Lyons) -Mrs Lyons

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Social Class

-"Living on the never never..." -Mrs Johnstone
-"He wouldn't get into fights..." -Mrs Johnstone

-"He was about to commit a serious crime, love" -Policeman to Mrs Johnstone
-"It was more of a prank, really" -Policeman to Mrs Lyons

-"I could have been him!" -Mickey

-"You say smashing things, don't you?" -Edward

-"It's just another sign of the times" -Mr Lyons

-"...have come to know as class?" -Narrator

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