Blood Brothers

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Mickey and Edward meet

Mickey - 'Bored and Petulant'

Edward - 'Bright and forthcoming' 

Edward - Generous, has plenty, comes from a middle class family

- 'Take as many as you want' 

Mickey - Suprised about Edward's genourosity, sweets are seen as a luxury to him as he is working class

- 'Are you soft'

Edward - Doesn't swear, doesnt know any swear words as he isn't used to working class people or being around them

- '(clueless)'

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Mickey and Edward meet 2

Mickey and Edward - Get on with each other straight away, they have the same sense of humour, they immediately ctreate a bond between eachother

- 'wriggle and giggle with glee' 

Edward - Values education and clearly has a higher status

- 'I'll look it up in the dictionary' 

Mickey - Doesn't now what a dictionary is, doesnt value education 

- 'its a thingy innit' 

Mickey and Edward dont realise how similar they are and they dont see a differnce between their class, therefore become blood brothers

- 'Do you wanna be my blood brother' 

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Policeman speaking to Mrs Johnstone

Policeman - Very informal, patronising, making out like it is very serious

- 'about to commit a serious crime' 

Mrs Johnstone - Isn't given a chance to speak, intimidated

- 'Mrs Johnstone nods' 

Policeman - Uses derogetery terms, disrespectful towards her, shouting at her 

- 'no more boody warnings...Missis'

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Policeman speaking to Mr Lyons

Policeman - Aligned with his class, speaking to a man, has more respect

- 'holds a glass of scotch'

Policeman - Not taking the issue seriously anymore due to Mr Lyons being middles class, he also jokes with him and is very prejudice (class discrimination)

- 'was more of a prank' 

- 'Make sure he keeps with his own kind'

Policeman - Doesn't threaten the courts on Mr Lyons or even a warning

- 'I'd just dock his pocket money' 

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