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Red Blood Cells

  • Contains Haemogobin.
  • Do not have a nucleus
  • Disc shape

Increases the surface area which inreases oxygen absorption.

  • Thin membrane

Allows oxygen to diffuse easily in and out of the cell.

Red Blood Cell (

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White Blood Cells

  • They have a nucleus
  • They have a cytoplasm

That has flowing movement, helps them sqeeze through cells in the blood capillary walls into tissues where they are able to engulf bacteria and viruses.

  • Secrete digestive enzymes

Which destroys the bacteria and viruses.white blood cells (

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  • Small fragments of cells
  • They do not have a nucleus
  • They contain proteins

That enable them to stick to breaks in the blood vessel wall and also stick to each other.

A clot forms that stops the bleeding

platelets (

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