Blattler et al. (2002) Description


Blattler et al. (2002) Description

Aim: To investigate weather supplying heroin on a medical programme, combined with therepy would reduce cocane use amongst participants.

Procedure: Followed a group of 266 heroin uses (168 males and 98 females) for at least 18 months of a drug treatment programme. All gave informed concent and continued to love and work in their normal environment. They were reqiuired to attend psychological therepy and were given mainteninence doces of heroin, which will self injected and done under staff supervision. Continued prescription of heroin depended addicts conforming to an appropriate set of behavours. All participants we're interviewed at the start and on a 6th monthy basis. It was a structured interview which contaied items to asess mental health problems and the severity of addiction.Drug use was monitored by unannonced urine tests.

Results: After 18 months cocane use had reduced from 84% of participants to 48%. The participants reporting they were involved in prostitution, contact with the drug scene and involvment with illigal sources of income all dropped.

Conclusion: This study shows that heroin maintinence in a high-monitoring situation helps to reduce cocane use. Where cocane use persists, social factors such as illigal income an contact with the drug scene are important but it is unclear how there are associated.

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