Birth and Death

Christianity Birth and Death

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Euthanasia & Suicide

  • 'Man was made in God's image' Gen 1 - destroying life is wrong
  • 'Do not kill' Exodus 20
  • 'You are God's temple' 1 Cor 3
  • 'A time to be born, a time to die' Ecc 3
  • 'The Lord gives and the Lord takes away' Job 1
  • Dignitas - Swiss org to assist suicide
  • The Samaratians
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  • 'You knit me together in my mother's womb' Psalm 139
  • 'The foetus is not more a person than an acorn is an oak tree' J J Thompson
  • 'If the baby dies he only has to pay a fine' Exodus 21
  • Pro-Life group - protests and lobbying Parliament
  • Reducing legal time limit of when an abortion can take place (currently 24 weeks)
  • Pro-Choice - women's rights
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