Birth of the USA


Background to the 13 colonies

Britian's colonies presence in America began in 1607 with the establishment of a settlement in Jamestown, Virginia

1620 Pilgrims boarded the ship in 'Mayflower' and travelled to Pennsilvania to establiish a 'new England' free from religious prosecution

By 1740 Britian had 13 seperate colonies in the Eastern part of North America

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Issues that led to the 'Declaration of Independenc


  • Colonies were left to run their own domestic affairs
  • No repersentation for colonies in UK parliment
  • Britian at war with France (demanded soldiers) and Native Indians

King George 'the mad king' taxed colonies

  • Sugar Act (tax on sugar)
  • No taxation without repersentation
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Articles as part of the Declaration/ backdrop 1781

Since Britian kept placing restrictions on America without giving power it caused:

  • Protests and violent outbreaks
  • Boson Massacre/ tea party
  • Colonists about to unite
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Philadelphia Convention 1787

Connecitut Compromise Bicameral System

  • One for population
  • One represented equally

1. Virginia Plan states with large populations

2. New Jersey Plan with small populations

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First US President 1789

With 69 electoral votes, George Washington was elected to be the first president

  • He refused to serve more than two terms
  • Defined the role a president should show

"I, George Washington, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


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Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights was designed to protect against all powerful federal president (dictatorship) and to ensure that certain rights were recognized by the government

At the time the first 10 ammendments were created which were Proposed by Congress -Sept 1789 and Ratified by states -Dec 1791

17 further ammendments have been passed since 1791

  • 1776- Virginia Declaration of Rights
  • 1781- Articles of Confederation 
  • 1787- Constitution of the United States
  • 1789- Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • 1791- Quasi War with France
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