Birmingham - Traffic

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Traffic Issues

  • not enough good quality housing
  • too much traffic
  • derelict building
  • high unemployment
  • ethnic segregation
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Metro Tram

  • tramline that runs for 20km from Wolverhampton into cental Birmingham
  • tram runs frequently, about every 7-10 minutes
  • opened in 1989 and cost £145 million to build
  • plans to add more
    • extend the system to Birmingham International Airport and National Exhibition Centre (NEC)
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Transport Improvements

  • Park and Ride
    • Drivers leave their cars in car parks on the outskirts of the city, then take regular buses to the city centre
      • Fewer cars in the city, so less congestion and air pollution
  • Bus Lanes
    • Lanes that only buses are allowed to use
      • Buses not held up by traffic which makes them reliable and quicker as well as less polluting because there are fewer cars on the road
  • Trams
    • Run on roads, powered by overhead electricity lines
      • Less air pollution, and another travel option for people visiting the city
  • Congestion Charge
    • People have to pay to drive in certain zones
      • Extra cost encourages people to try different forms of transports with money raised used to help improve public transport
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Integrated Transport System

  • park-and ride scheme
  • bus lanes
    • some removed due to reduced traffic flow
  • encourages car sharing
  • has its own tramline
    • Birmingham Metro
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