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Diet and exercise

The eatwell plate:

green-fruit and veg

yellow-bread,rice,potatoes,pasta and other starchy foods

blue-milky and dairy foods

purple-food and drinks high in fat and sugar

pink-meat,fish.eggs,beans and other non dairy sources of protein

the main foos groups are:

carbohydrates-a source of energy for life process

fats-make cell membrane and insulate our body

protein-growth and repair-building cells

Irons and vitamons are also important because lets say for example you get too little vitamin D that can lead to rickets this is why we have balanced diets.

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Matabolic rate

The metabolic rate is the speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body and varies because of several factors including : age, gender, and inherited factors. The metabolic rate is affected by the:

*proportion of muscle to fat in the body

*amount of exercise and other physical activity

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